Anime Girls Sitting On Toilet Gallery

What’s the signature feature of SeventhStyle? Is it the black and pink color scheme? No. Is it the douchebags in the comments? No. Is it the hate towards almost every popular anime? No, it’s not even that. What is it!? Of course it’s the incredibly niche, creepily specific anime girl fetish artwork galleries.

Today’s gallery consists of a fine collection of imagery dedicated to the theme of kawaii yet non-ero instances of cute anime girls sitting on the toilet. It’s not an anime girl using the toilet gallery, that would be too embarrassing, and embarrassing things are prohibited. That’s why it’s just a sitting on the toilet gallery – because sometimes moe girls just go there to concentrate.

That said, if they’re doing something else there too then it can’t be helped because finding such particular images is hard enough.

Let’s begin:

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