Two Car = “Why Are We Alive Just To Suffer?”

Silver Link’s season of bad anime continues with episode nine of Tsuukaa. The show is so ill-received by viewers on 2ch that some are asking why the man responsible for the writing continues to live a normal human life while his victims suffer.

“Coach arrives ahhhhhhhhhhhh”

“what was the purpose of hiding the face until now?”

“the amazingly boring conversations remind me of Haifuri somehow”

“When will the screenwriting career of Takayama Katsuhiko end already? Can this guy stop? He’s a shitty anime mass production machine. Big Order, Heavy Object, Ange Vierge, Boku no Pico, and now Tsuukaa, enough is enough.”

“He should be charged with terrorism”

“coach is younger than I thought but I don’t think he will hook up with any of the high school girls”

“this anime feels like it was presented backwards”

“Was all the flashback just to introduce the coach?”

“I’m still waiting for the mizugi episode.”


4 comments on “Two Car = “Why Are We Alive Just To Suffer?””
  1. misaofan says:

    The title should have been Two Car instead of a bad romanization like Tsuukaa according to your article.

    This anime is a massive waste of potential, it’s barely about sidecar racing anymore and more like a soap opera that’s primarily riddled with flashbacks to fit the 1-cour format and even that’s a bad idea.

    It sucks that the writer is mangling the potential of so many characters that had otherwise interesting personalities and despite enjoying the anime itself the plot is void even though it’s meant to be a sports series.

    There are three other pairs left that doesn’t have their own backstories yet but given 3 episodes left I’m expecting the writer to throw half-assed attempt at compressing them into a little package only to end up being worse than the rest given the overall quality of the series.


    1. Violet says:

      I went with Tsuukaa since it sounded like the better of the two but the title is pretty bad in my opinion either way. “Two Car” does not sound like a very interesting anime, though I suppose it is a fitting title in that regard.


      1. misaofan says:

        I don’t find it a very interesting title either, but the Japanese producers often makes stupid name titles for anime that sometimes fit the story but not always for good reasons, this being one of the lesser cases.

        If there’s some things I could positively say about the anime, it’s that the animation quality is at least consistent throughout by Silver Link standards, not bad but not great. I adored Tiv as an artist and her character designs in this one have charm, even if they are wasted so badly in a hot mess of a series. The music is very good as well and the opening is my favorite of the season so far since I like Sphere.


        1. Violet says:

          Certainly it is strange, the designs are not at all bad. The art and animation as a whole is better than average, yet the story and screenplay is simply the worst.


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