“Death March” Characters Look Excited For Their Upcoming Anime

New key visual artwork for “Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody” is here, and don’t these characters look thrilled! This new imagery provides a detailed view of a newly introduced kawaii loli and blonde bishoujo. While the title of this anime may be incomprehensibly cryptic, cuteness is a universal language.

At first glance, both characters look respectable. The loli is instantly recognized as adorable by her small nature, silky silver hair, and fluffed up clothing – a pleasant sight even if her complexion is overall grey. Likewise, the blonde looks finely built and presents nice shapes.

Upon closer inspection however, you come to realize something’s not right, especially coming from the formerly fantastic Silver Link.

These crummy designs are a tiny part of a big conspiracy to make you think crappy anime is A-OK, and it’s affecting us all as we know it.

Both of these characters possess the same expressionless face. They don’t just have the same indifferent look, rather, they both literally have the same face just with ever so minor adjustments like a different gradient on the eyes.

These characters have been so lazily designed that their visage is reflective of the enthusiasm that went into their creation.

In the ancient days of anime production, where everything was hand-made, characters could be ugly but still visually unique since it’s effectively impossible to create the same character twice to a 1:1 ratio.

Ever since the advent of digital however, computer techniques permit “artists”, a code word for lazy, overworked, underpaid, unmotivated entry level laborers, to simply reuse the same elements over and over as many times as they please.

Each layer of a character can be a separate layer in image editing and video production software and the same components can be recycled infinitely.

This means the same body, the same hands, the same head shape, the same hair, etc. If you’ve ever played those anime girl dress up games, like Dress My Babe, that’s basically the advanced technology being used to create all these hideously generic characters – except even those old games looked better because they were made by someone who cared.

Unfortunately, the current state of the industry needs no more than the lowest effort necessary to function and spending one yen more than needed is unacceptable. The goal isn’t to create the next great anything, and that’s how you know something is truly wrong. What artist out there wakes up and tells themselves “let’s make some okay to slightly below average artwork today”?

None of them.

Real artists all dream of being the best ever, and the problem in today’s anime industry, as exemplified by these key visuals, is that most “artists” in the anime industry have stopped dreaming.


2 comments on ““Death March” Characters Look Excited For Their Upcoming Anime”
  1. misaofan says:

    I assume that the two girls’ faces here look like they are made to be kuudere/yandere but who cares, a typical anime these days is given shoestring budget and a terrible adaptation of a source material that is slightly better than it usually. Displeasing as the artwork’s efforts are however, I like the vibrant color design.


    1. Seven says:

      More like idiotdere, since they look so dumb, petrified and depressed.


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