“My Girlfriend is Shobitch” Has Sexy Sister Abuse

An anime about a generic male character’s bitch girlfriend, “My Girlfriend is Shobitch“, makes its unwanted return with a ninth episode. This time around, the idea is to inject as many overly abused anime fetishes into the show as possible, because if one doesn’t work out, why not try five?

Admittedly, it seems to work out this time around because instead of the bitch girlfriend, the anime instead opts to center on the main character’s submissive sister. This episode has everything from Monogatari toothbrushing, to bondage, to sitting on the toilet, and it all occurs to the same wastefully kawaii sister character.

Sister character watchdog, 2ch, found the new female presence highly enjoyable:

“My older sister can’t be this kawaii!”

“Why are they not dating?”

“Too sexy, nice legs!”

“Even with small breasts, I wish she were my sister.”

“A-cup is A-OK.”

“A-cup lacks confidence in their selves, oppai is never afraid and always has courage”

“this is too much”

“Best girl has arrived, sister character is too strong. The brother-sister relationship should be explored in greater detail.”

“She has a panting problem”

“She enjoys getting handcuffed? Now that’s a good sister! More screentime pleaseeeeeeeee!”

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